How we work

Horder Media works with clients from the seed of an idea right through to delivery and implementation of the finished corporate video production. Our service is personalised.  There is no 'formula'.  All productions are bespoke. 

People like working with us. It's not just because we want to make business pleasurable, it's also because clients know we have a genuine desire to do the best job for them.

Most people are not in the least bit interested in High Definition formats, compression codecs ..... see... I've lost you.  Suffice to say that we work to high broadcast standards - enough said of that.

PUPIL Scheme

PUPIL Scheme is one of those videos that is all about the people in it. Young people, schools, and the police come together under the banner of The Cynon Valley Crime Prevention Association to encourage improvements in this Welsh valley community.

PUPIL Scheme


Gallu - opportunities for small companies in the tourism business in Wales. The video was aimed at small businesses, advertising what Gallu could offer them.


Careers Wales West

Careers Wales West needed a video that detailed all of the services, and there were many, that they could offer any person wishing to improve their employment situation. There is also a Welsh version of this video.

Careers Wales West

Quality control

Our business is structured such that we can always give total focus to every client. We do not outsource productions as a whole, so you will always know who you are dealing with from start to finish.

We apply the standards of high quality broadcast TV, no matter how small a video or its budget might be.

You can rest assured that experienced, accomplished professionals will be working on your video.

Video production services

We work with top creative and technical personnel to offer:

  • ideas
  • script writing
  • story boarding
  • direction
  • filming
  • portaprompt
  • editing
  • music
  • sound
  • delivery

Design: G Horder