Music video production

Technically it has never been easier for anyone to produce a music video - that's why so many bands make their own or get a friend to do it. However, it's probably never been more difficult to make a video that will stand out from the mass of media material out there without spending an absolute fortune.

We do not make multi-million pound music videos, but we do take small budgets and work minor miracles.

Watching Over You

'Watching Over You' was filmed at various locations: the house of a good friend being one, the beautiful Savoy Theatre Monmouth another, and the glorious churchyard of St. Mary the Virgin in St. Briavels on a chilly February morning.

Banging on a Big Bass Drum

Banging on a Big Bass Drum was not storyboarded: it was always going to be straight run-through performances. Multiple takes and costume changes took its toll on the performers... always something to bear in mind!

The Lonesome Busker

'The Lonesome Busker' is one of our favourite songs and videos. There is a real story behind it, and friends came together to make this possible. Mostly filmed around Newport, South Wales, there is some green screen filming integrated.

Wild Swans

Ian Luther, the songwriter and performer, knew of a guitar just like this. This one is made of mdf painted green, and the rest is post-production with Mocha Pro and Spectramatte. Thanks again to Angharad for her performance.

Love Is Blind

Filmed entirely on location at The Queens Head in Monmouth. The band ran through the song several times without an audience, then with an audience to create the desired 'live' feel. We used a Microjib from Moving Picture Hire in Bristol to swing the camera.

The Twist

The Twist is a track with a Celtic rock feel to it. We wanted a mediaeval look, so, in the absence of a banquetting hall, filmed the whole video against a green screen background. The computer generated backgrounds were provided by Nicholas Etheridge.

Sail Away

The song is fun, so the video had to match. Again, the video was all filmed in the studio. The simple animations were created here at Horder Media, and in honesty is animation at its simplest. For all that, we think it is quite effective.

Hey Joe

Hey Joe is a much-covered classic. Quite why we gave it this visual treatment is a mystery - it probably seemed like a good idea at the time! At time of writing it is the most viewed video on Ian Luther's YouTube Channel.

Don't strangle your ideas

Music video production to support single releases are pretty much the norm these days, but don't spoil your great music with a visual accompaniment that actually detracts from the sound rather than adding to it.

Studio filming, location filming, dancing, a storyline... but the boundaries of music video production could be pushed further. Don't strangle your ideas until we talk about bringing them to life.

Sketching out a storyboard as a paper representation of your music video is usually (not always) a good idea, otherwise you could confuse yourself with your own artistic genius.

Music TV

Most of the music videos we make are produced purely with a view to supporting an internet campaign (YouTube Vevo etc), but several have appeared on MTV and the main terrestrial TV channels.

Design: G Horder