Prolong the life of your video

Sometimes it seems that a video is obsolete practically as soon as it is completed. That would be a concern.

There are ways of updating a video: a narration can be rewritten and rerecorded; titles and captions can be substituted; and whole segments or single shots can be removed and new ones added.

Usually there is a way of updating a video to keep it current without going to the trouble of producing the whole project afresh.

Here are some short, yet interesting, examples of videos we have changed for clients.

A Cardboard Box!

Here is an example of almost completely removing the branding from a box. With the right software and expertise you can do almost anything with video. This was actually far trickier than it first seems. The branding could also have been replaced entirely.

A Cardboard Box!

Change the Packaging

Watch the package that drops onto the conveyor. The required product wasn't being made on the day we filmed: changing it to the right one involved techniques more often used on feature films. The client was amazed and grateful.

Change the Packaging

New Logos

Changing a logo or caption on a video is one of the easiest changes you can make... sometimes. In this case the original edit was unavailable so all of the images were embedded together: it worked out satisfactorily after some digital manipulation.

New Logos

The value of archiving

We archive every finished production and all of the original material filmed for each production. They are resources that are far too valuable to discard.

Original footage can be re-edited into new short videos to constantly update your online video presence, or integrated with newly shot footage. Also, each second of video contains 25-50 still frames that can be used on your websites or even in printed literature.

Historical value

No matter how unimportant some video footage might seem now, nobody can estimate its value as the years roll on.

Retrospective examinations of how production processes have progressed, or even how premises have changed, benefit from genuine live action footage. There are also 'soft' human reasons for keeping images from the past too.

Design: G Horder